Thanks for your interest in volunteering for this year's Ann Arbor Film Festival.

As a volunteer, you have a front-row seat to experience what goes on behind-the-scenes at North America's longest-running avant-garde and experimental film festival.

Volunteer photographers must complete this application prior to signing up for shifts, so please start here. You will receive an email once you have been approved!

Volunteer Incentives:

Volunteers receive a 60th AAFF t-shirt, other AAFF goodies, and earn tickets/passes as follows:
3 hours -- 3 Main Auditorium Tickets
6 hours -- 6 Main Auditorium Tickets
12 hours -- 1 weekend pass
15+ hours -- 1 full festival pass which includes online access during festival week
* as we explore the functionality of our online festival system, we’ll determine how possible it is for us to also make online access available to hardworking volunteers

NOTE: All volunteers must adhere to all Covid-19 protocols set forth by the festival, the city of Ann Arbor, and the Michigan Theater. We will continue to communicate these protocols as they evolve.

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